Buying a New HVAC system

Questions to ask
Investing in a new HVAC system is a big decision.  You should never feel pressured into buying a system that you do not feel comfortable with.  Make sure that your concerns are listened to and that all of your questions are answered.  At A.B. May, we are here to help!  Here are a few questions that our customers have asked us.


  • Are you insured
    (Yes AB May is)
  • Have you done background checks on your employees
    (Yes,we perform full background checks, drug testing and integrity tests)
  • Are you a factory authorized dealer
    (We are the exclusive Daikin dealer in Kansas City)
  • Do you have a local license and get city permits pulled on your jobs
    (Yes, A.B. May pulls more permits in Kansas City than any other company and we always want a second set of eyes to confirm our workmanship)
  • Is your company local
    (AB May is located in Kansas City, MO)
  • Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau
    (AB May has been accredited since 1993 and holds an A+ rating)
  • Do you offer 24/7 emergency service
    (Yes we offer 24/7 emergency service)
  • Do you offer financing and take credit cards
    (We have several options of financing available and accept all major credit cards)
  • How long is the manufacturer's (parts) warranty
    (The Service Advisor will go into detail about the parts warranty)
  • How long is your (labor) warranty
    (The Service Advisor  will go into detail about the labor warranty)
  • Are there any rebates on my system (manufacturer, utility, federal)
    (The Service Advisor will discuss any available rebates with you)
  • How long has the company been in business
    (AB May has been a local business since 1959)
  • Do you use sub-contractors or do your own employees do the work
    (We use our own AB May expert technicians to complete a job)
  • What efficiency should I buy
    (The AB May Service Advisor will work with you to pick a system that meets your needs for your home and your finances)
  • Is my ductwork that I currently have adequate for the new system
    (The Service Advisor will take a look at your duct work to determine if you need additional return air, if they are sealed, if the supply ducts are alright, and if you should consider zoning to improve comfort)
  • How will you protect my property
    ( We will do everything that we can to protect your property.  We wear shoe covers and use tarps, mats, or throw rugs to protect you home)