Doggy Damage to the Air Conditioner



First time and veteran dog owners alike know that there are many surprises that come with having a dog. For example, there are some days that you are sure you will be having hamburgers for dinner, but you come home to find that your dog decided to eat the defrosting meat instead. Surprise! One surprise you may not have encountered yet is how a dog can affect your air conditioner.

When you let your dog outside to relieve him or herself, they may actually be doing damage to your air conditioner. How? When dogs mistake the air conditioner for the fire hydrant their urine eats away at the metal on the condenser unit. This can eventually lead to the eating away of the condenser coil, which contains refrigerant. As you can expect, this would mean that your air conditioner would not work properly.


The good news is that there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening:

·         Try spraying the condenser unit with odor spray to dissuade urination

·         Block of the condenser unit with a fence

·         When building a new house, request that the air conditioner condenser be installed on the side of the
home instead of the backyard


Also, if you have a dog, take a look at your air conditioner to look for signs of ‘doggy damage’ such as yellow/brown/reddish stains in one specific area.


Though A.B. May may not be able to help you with dog training, they would be more than happy to help you with any air conditioner question you may have. Feel free to contact us!