How to Be More Energy Conscious

Looking to save money while helping the environment? Sign us up!  More and more households are learning how to be more energy conscious. Not only will you make a difference for the environment, but an energy-efficient home will keep you and your family comfortable while lowering your monthly bills. While a big investment, like installing solar panels, will make a big impact, taking these small simple steps, can also add up in a huge way!

  • Installing a programmable thermostat will lower your utility bills and manage the heating and cooling of your home regardless of if you’re there or not.

  • When you leave the room, make sure to turn off lights, TVs and your computer.

  • Take shorter showers and install a low flow showerhead. Also, be sure to set the thermostat on your water heater to under 120°F.

  • Warmer weather makes it easier to air dry your laundry outside, instead of running your dryer.

  • Only use your dishwasher on a full load and forego the lengthy drying cycle.

  • Switch out standard light bulbs and halogen bulbs for CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs  to use less energy and as a safer option.

  • When running the A/C, make sure that windows and doors are closed to optimize the efficiency of your unit.

  • Choose eco-friendly appliances that have an energy saving mode to save big.


To learn more about how you can impact the environment while cutting home costs, check this out.

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