Signs Your Main Sewer Line Is Clogged

Most homeowners do not pay their plumbing systems any mind. However, neglecting your plumbing system altogether could result in a plumbing disaster--like a main line sewer drain clog. Don't let it happen to you! Below are some signs that your main sewer drain is clogged.


Raw Sewage In Your Drains

When you spot sewage backing up in a basement floor drain or shower drain, you know something is awry. This is a clear indication that your main line sewer drain is clogged. 


Gurgling Noises and Sewer Odor

When your main line sewer drain is clogged, you might be able to hear it or smell it! If your drains or toilets make a gurgling noise, a clog might be on the horizon. You may also be able to smell a strange sewer odor coming from your drains. 


Tree Roots

Did you know the tree roots can wreak havoc on your main sewer line? It's true! Overtime, they grow and infiltrate your underground plumbing system. This can eventually lead to a major clog. Our plumbers can remove the roots and help your plumbing system go with the flow once again. 


A main sewer line clog is a plumbing job that should be left to the professionals. If you suspect that you have a clog, turn to the pros at A.B. May. We can perform a main drain sewer line inspection. Our plumbers can find out what is causing the problem. Call 913-370-4898 to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.