Want to Learn More About Heat Pumps?

Names can truly be deceiving because unlike what their name suggests, heat pumps do not simply pump heat. If they don’t do that, then, what do they do?  To simplify it, think of a heat pump as an air conditioner and furnace combined, which makes it an efficient heating and cooling choice.

How heat pumps work

During the warm summer months the heat pumps acts as an air conditioner and brings cooled air into your home.  When the days turn chilly the heat pump will use its reversal valve to reverse its process and fill your room with warm air.  It is important to note that it cannot effectively do this when temperatures are less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Therefore, homes in areas that do drop below that temperature will also be needing a supplemental heating source, such as a furnace, in addition to the heat pump.

Why are heat pumps valuable?

First, for those of you lucky ducks that reside in areas where it never drops below 20 degrees, you would not need a furnace or other heating means if you have a heat pump.  Those of us who are not quite so fortunate can still profit from a heat pump.  Why?  A heat pump will decrease the amount of time we need to run our furnace for, which will in turn to decrease our gas usage and our utility and energy bills. For example, if the temperatures did not drop to the 20s until mid-December, you would not have to turn your furnace on until then.

Heat pumps are generally higher initial investments than typical air conditioning, however, they do offer great savings. If you are interested in learning more, contact A.B. May!