Ways to Reduce Water Usage At Home

Are you fed up with rising water bills? We’re all concerned with saving money and helping the environment, so great place to start is by reducing your water usage at home. Did you know that the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water per day? Small changes at home can add up to big changes in both your wallet and for the environment. These tips to reduce your household water usage are so simple, they’ll leave you wondering why you didn't do them all along!

Opt For Low Flow: Choosing low flow appliances like a toilet or showerhead can result in a savings of 25%-60% of water usage according to Swapping out older appliances that are water hogs for these newer low flow, energy efficient units greatly impact your water bill for the better. In addition to installing these showerheads, shortening your shower to five minutes will provide some serious water savings.

Don’t Dump The Pot: When you’re finished cooking pasta or anything else that requires water to be boiled on the stove, make sure to keep that water. Allowing it to cool and then using it for things like plants or flowers outside will ensure that you put every last drop to good use!

Turn Off The Tap: You’ve heard this before, but turning off the water when you’re brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your face can save a ton of money every month. The average faucet releases two gallons of water per minute, so if you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes per day, turning off your tap can help you save eight gallons!

Load Up The Dishwasher: Automatic dishwashers use less hot water and energy than washing dishes by hand. Make sure to maximize the space in your dishwasher and load in as many items as you can to clean at once. And you can skip the pre-rinse too–most modern dishwashers are designed to be powerful enough to remove food and debris on their own.

Fix Leaks: If you notice a leak, don’t let it go unattended. You can significantly reduce water use by simply repairing leaks in fixtures, faucets and showerheads, or pipes. A leak of one drip per second wastes 1,661 gallons of water and can cost up to $35 per year, according to If you spot a leaky fixture, give the experts a call!

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