Kansas City Home Comfort Solutions


Home comfort doesn’t have a one size fits all solution. Each home is different, and every family has different needs as well. When you call A.B. May, our Service Advisors listen to you to design or customize your system to meet your needs.

Some of the products we provide include:

Whole House Air Purifiers use UV (ultraviolet) light and activated carbon to improve your indoor air quality. They remove odors, germs, and allergens from your home. Allergy and asthma sufferers benefit greatly from clean air. But everyone breathes easier without indoor air pollution.

Zoning creates different temperature zones to make each area of your home comfortable for you. It allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms of your home and can also be a good solution if you have cold spots or hot spots in your home.

High-Performance Blowers improve indoor air quality, comfort, noise, and efficiency. by constantly moving throughout your home.