Nest Protect


The Nest Protect

Nest Protect tells you what the problem is and where the problem is coming from.  It even alerts you if it detects CO or smoke when you are away.  For a layout of where to place alarms/detectors in your home...go to diagram.

  • Get Alerts on Your Phone
    If there is a problem in your home or the batteries run low, Nest Protect sends you a message.
  • Tells You What and Where
    If there is smoke or CO, the Nest Protect tells you what to do and where the smoke is  located.
  • Sees the CO You Can't
    Nest Protect tells you where CO is hiding.  Carbon Monoxide is an invisible, poisonous gas.
  • Every Second Counts
    The split-spectrum sensor looks for both fast and slow burning fires.
  • Hush from the Nest App
    App Silence lets you quiet the alarm right from your phone, just in case you burned the toast.
  • Up to 10-Year Life Span
    Nest Protect's long-lasting CO sensor will keep you safe for up to a decade.
  • Sleep Safe and Sound
    When you see a quick, green glow when you turn out the lights out, it is the nightly promise that let's you know everything is working well.


  • Nest Protect - Keeping Your Home and Family Safe