Meet the Team

We have more than 275 team members dedicated to serving you. Here are a few of the faces who are serving behind the scenes to make sure you have a great experience with us.

  • Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson

    Supply Chain Manager

  • Shaun Anderson

    Shaun Anderson

    Dispatch Manager

  • Claire Boissonneault

    Claire Boissonneault

    Appliance & Electrical Manager

  • Paul Brown

    Paul Brown

    Plumbing Service Manager

  • John Cashero

    John Cashero


  • Gwen Davidson

    Gwen Davidson

    Human Resources

  • Kenda Dunn

    Kenda Dunn

    HVAC Service Supervisor

  • Darrin Griesemer

    Darrin Griesemer

    Plumbing Service Supervisor

  • Mike Green

    Mike Green

    Plumbing and Electrical Director

  • Joe Gurera

    Joe Gurera

    Home Warranty Sales

  • Rocky King

    Rocky King

    HVAC Service Supervisor

  • Erick Kern

    Erick Kern

    Plumbing Install Manager

  • Dale Kirby

    Dale Kirby

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Zach Middleton

    Zach Middleton

    IT and Facilities Manager

  • Ron Nichols

    Ron Nichols

    Chief People Development Officer

  • Shellie O’Dell

    Shellie O’Dell

    Customer Support Manager

  • Glen Posladek

    Glen Posladek

    President and CEO

  • Shirley Posladek

    Shirley Posladek

    Wellbeing Coordinator

  • Carter Posladek

    Carter Posladek

    Sales Manager

  • Sam Posladek

    Sam Posladek

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    HVAC Service Manager

  • Casey Sousley

    Casey Sousley

    HVAC Installation Manager

  • Drew Timberlake

    Drew Timberlake

    Chief Marketing & Information Officer

  • Rob Waterfield

    Rob Waterfield

    HVAC Service Supervisor

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