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Whole-Home Air Purifier

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    How It Works

    The air in your home is full of microscopic contaminants that can trigger respiratory issues and allergies. Claim your $100 off Coupon for a whole home air purifier and start breathing easier.

    The best air quality in your home comes from a combination of whole-home air purifiers and performance air filters.

    Air filters are the first step because they help reduce physical contaminants such as dust mites, dander, pollen, and mold from your home. It’s important to recognize that the quality of a filter affects its performance. For instance, inexpensive fiberglass filters are designed to protect your furnace from large particles of dust. On the other hand, upgrading to a pleated or media filter attracts and captures smaller and smaller irritants like pollen and pet dander.

    Filters definitely improve the quality of your air. However, they are not able to filter out tiny particulates, chemicals, and VOCs*.

    Adding a whole-home air purifier takes care of things that a filter cannot. Whole-home air purifiers use a chemical process to remove microscopic particulates. They use carbon and UV lights to turn chemicals, VOCs, microbes, and odors that can affect the air quality of your home into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

    *Sources of VOCs include cleaning products, dry cleaning, air fresheners, cosmetics, perfumes, paint/adhesives, carpet fibers, upholstery, fuel, and burning wood.

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    How It Works
    • First, the carbon filter captures microbes, chemicals, odors, and VOCs.
    • Next, the UV light destroys the DNA of microbes like mold, viruses, and bacteria by transforming them into harmless water vapor and CO2. The UV light also keeps your coil free of mold and bacteria build-up that can clog its metal plates.

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