​Ways To Prevent a Furnace Breakdown

No homeowner wishes for a furnace breakdown during the holiday season. However, little do anything to prevent it. Don't be one of them! Below are some tips that will help you prevent a furnace breakdown.
  • Is your furnace making noise or frequently cycling? If so, be sure to have your furnace inspected by a professional. They can fix these problems immediately so they don't turn into bigger issues down the road.
  • You should also do your best to keep your furnace clean. Dust and debris can make your furnace less efficient. To prevent this, vacuum your air intake and warm air registers.
  • Remember to change your furnace filter frequently in the wintertime. After all, a clogged or dirty air filter will only limit the air flow.
  • If it snows, be sure to remove the snow from outdoor vents. Doing so allows your furnace to perform better. It is also important to do this for safety reasons. 

If you encounter an issue with your furnace, don't attempt a DIY project. Leave it to the professional technicians at A.B. May. We have 24/7 emergency heating service. If in the event your heating system is beyond repair, you can rest assured that we have plenty of options for you to chose from. Call 913-370-4898 for service. 
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