​Ways to Save Money On Your Heating Costs

Are you tired of extremely high heating bills? If so, we don't blame you! Below are some proactive steps you can take to reduce your winter heating costs.
Seal Air Leaks
Air leaks in your home let cool outside air come into your home. To prevent this from happening, be sure to caulk all windows and weather strip all doors.
Invest in a Space Heater
Do you spend most of your time in one room in your home? It might be worthwhile to invest in a space heater. That way, you can heat the room you are in and turn down the furnace. 
Add Insulation to the Attic
Did you know that attic insulation can settle up to 20% in a 5 year span? An attic that is not properly insulated is costing you money on your heating and cooling costs.  If you can see the joists in your attic, you do not have adequate insulation.  You should have 16-19” of insulation to be effective.  Ask your insulation expert at A.B. May to help determine the amount of insulation needed for your home.
We hope that the tips above help you save money on your heating costs this season. If you still have unseasonably high heating bills, there might be something wrong with your heating system. Do you think this is the case? Turn to A.B. May. Our technicians are great at troubleshooting the problem. Call 913-370-4898 for all of your heating needs. 
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