4 Maintenance Tips to Transition Your Heating and Cooling System for Fall

The crisp weather is starting to appear, and that can only mean one thing--fall is almost here! Fall is a transition time when it is so important to take advantage of the mild weather and get your home ready for that extreme weather that we can face later in the year. Give your HVAC systems a break from the summer, before they have to work hard for the winter with these maintenance tips:

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans: Now that the weather is starting to mellow out, you may not need your air conditioner running all day and night. Give your AC unit a break and rely on your ceiling fans more. Ceiling fans allow you to be able to raise your thermostat several degrees, while still keeping the temperature in your home comfortable. This simple step can measurably lower your electric bill.

Draw Your Blinds: During the day, make sure to pull the curtains and close the blinds. The temperature in your home rises significantly during the heat of the day. If you’re not there, there’s no way to release the hot air before you get home. Prevent heat buildup by keeping your blinds and curtains closed. This will ensure that you come home to a cool house.

Keep Your Air Filter Clean: We always stress the importance of changing out your air filter, but the same rings true for months where you’re not using your AC. A clean air filter is essential to the respiratory health and wellbeing of you and your family members. A dirty air filter will push allergens and particles into the air inside of your home, so changing them on your air conditioner’s offseason will help eliminate that.

Schedule a Combined System Maintenance: It’s important to make sure your HVAC systems are working properly. Give your favorite HVAC company a call to schedule routine maintenance and troubleshoot any issues before they become a problem.

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