6 Steps to a Properly Working Furnace

abmay The temperatures have dropped and your furnace will be running consistently for the next several months. In order to maintain a warm and cozy home, it's important to maintain your furnace. Here are six ways to ensure a healthy, working furnace for the winter ahead:


  1. Make sure there is sufficient breathing room around your furnace. Store boxes, lawnmowers, and anything flammable at least ten feet away from the furnace.
  2. Change filters on a regular basis. We suggest you do this once a season. Dirty filters can cause restricted air flow, lower efficiency and an overheated heat exchanger. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your system, set reminders to change your filters routinely.
  3. Check the access panel, to make sure it is secure.
  4. Install a smart thermostat. Smart Thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home through an app, and are able to adjust the patterns of use to cut down on utility costs.
  5. Open all vents around the home to ensure heat is being properly cycled throughout.
  6. Is it time to replace your system? Furnaces inevitably break down. If you find yourself needing to replace your unit, you can read more here.