An Early Christmas Gift


Miss Trent had an early Christmas gift this year. One of our service technicians, Matt Sanchez, visited her home to light her furnace for the winter season. She was referred to us by the  Bishop Sullivan Center, a local organization that provides services for the poor, elderly or disabled.

The 30-year old unit was rusted beyond repair. A service advisor gave her an estimate to replace it, but the elderly woman was on a fixed income and just couldn’t afford it.

Matt wanted to do something. He knew if she didn’t have a new furnace, she and the grandchildren that lived with her would be cold this winter. He said he had seen A.B. May’s owner and other managers frequently do volunteer work, so he asked if there was an unused furnace in the warehouse that might fit Miss Trent’s home.

A working furnace was found, and Matt volunteered his time on a Saturday to install it. “She was in a tough spot. I found an opportunity to help somebody, and I’m glad it worked out,” he said.

This spirit of generosity is just one way our technicians go above and beyond on the job. It is a perfect example of our core values to serve others and overcome obstacles. We are proud that Matt Sanchez is part of our team.

For more information about the Bishop Sullivan Center, click here.