Avoid the Danger of Winter Power Outages

Because of the incredibly cold temperatures this winter, power outages could be very dangerous. Consequently, it is imperative that you are prepared for a power outage for the safety of you and your family. 
One of the best means of being prepared is by investing in an automatic generator that hooks up to your natural gas line.  Automatic generators are permanent features that are installed in either the back or on the side of your home.  Similar to portable generators, automatic generators can be found in different sizes.  The size will affect how much of your home is powered when the electricity goes out.  An automatic generator could keep much of your home operating at full electrical volume, or you could select a smaller size to just keep the necessities (heat, refrigerator etc…) running.  What is even better is that these generators turn on automatically when the power goes out.  Also, since they are hooked up to your gas line there is no need to go outside and re-fill them.
Despite the fact that automatic generators are a great investment, there are some other ways to be prepared for a winter power outage for those of you not quite ready to make the leap. Check out this advice from The Weather Channel about preparing for winter storms.