Be Careful Where you Rake

Be Careful Where You Rake: Leaves Could Block High Efficiency Furnaces


High efficiency furnaces (90% AFUE and above) can sometimes have some minor quick-fix problems in the fall. This is because these furnaces are equipped with PVC intake and outtake pipes that are located on the side of the home, not very high off of the ground. When the leaves start to fall come September and October they can temporarily block these pipes and cause the furnace to not work.

Therefore, when raking leaves (or jumping into leaf piles) it is important to check that none of your efforts block these pipes. If you do have trouble with your 90% AFUE or above furnace, first check the PVC pipes for leaves, and clear them out. If you still have a problem after this, be sure to contact a professional such as the ones at A.B. May.

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