Beat the Cold without Breaking the Bank

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 is here and it has brought some chilly temperatures with it!

Though the idea of installing a hot tub or turning up the heat to 80 degrees may sound tempting, after the expense of the holidays that may not be possible for all of us. Therefore, here are few ways to frugally stay warm. Make Minor Home Improvements.

  • Use a humidifier because humid air feels warmer than dry air. A humidifier can either be installed in your ductwork, or you can purchase a portable one.
  • Replace your sheets with flannel sheets and a down comforter for added warmth.
  • Try laying down some extra rugs, especially on cold, bare, or hardwood floors.
  • Get to Work in the Kitchen Cook up a warm batch of hearty soup or chili. Then, if you are feeling really ambitious take a crack at some hot homemade hot chocolate.
  • Pay Attention to the Weather When the sun is shining take advantage of it by opening up curtains and blinds. This natural heat source will warm your home right up.
  • Dress Warm and Play Warm
  • Pat around the home in fuzzy slippers and thick socks.
  • For a warm, cozy evening light a fire in the fireplace. However, it is really important that you remember to close the chimney flue after you use it in order to keep the cold air outside.
  • Bundle up in blankets whenever you watch a movie or read a good bo

 Hopefully these tips will help you to stay warm. If you are interested in larger heating improvements, please feel free to contact A.B. May!  We have an entire Home performance team ready to help you save money and keep comfortable in your home.

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