Changing from Cooling to Heating

Some people just don’t do well with change.  I am admittedly one of them.  Any little change and I get stressed, or sad, or worried etc….  For example, when it is time to get a new cell phone, I miss my old one and nostalgically remember making calls on it or sending texts.  If I have trouble switching cell phones, imagine what I am like when the seasons change.  As much as I love what each season has to offer that transition time in between is tough.  Thankfully, what isn’t tough, is switching from cooling to heating your home. 

Here’s how:

The first step happens before heating season actually begins.  You should have your furnace inspected before things get chilly. This ensures that your system is ready to go, and it also includes a filter cleaning or change.  If you are unable to have this done before you need your furnace, you can still turn the furnace on before it is inspected.


Second, turning on the furnace is quite simple.  Just look for the switch on your thermostat labeled: HEAT OFF COOL and then flip it from cool to heat.  Newer thermostats will most likely have an option on the digital screen or a button as opposed to a switch.


That should turn on the furnace, but what if it doesn’t?  If your furnace isn’t working at this point, it may be time to take a trip to the furnace in the basement.  Then, look for a switch on the side of the furnace that’s akin to a light switch.  Make sure that this switch is also switched on.  If you have further difficulties, feel free to contact A.B. May.

Next, once the furnace is working it is time to think about the humidifier.  Humidifiers are a part of most forced air systems.  It is important that the humidifier is cleaned out before it starts being used for the winter.  Though you can do this yourself, it is also a good idea to have a professional complete this.

A control called the humidistat turns the humidifier on.  This is usually mounted on the ductwork but certain newer thermostats have the humidistat controls as part of the thermostat.  The humidistat will have you choose a percentage between 0-60/70% of relative humidity for your home.  In general keeping your home at about 40-50% humidity in the winter is a good idea, though it is a personal choice.  The humidifier will probably not be needed for a little while until all of the leftover summer humidity fades away.

Though making the change from summer to winter may be difficult mentally, switching from cooling to heating is not!  Contact A.B. May if you have any questions!