Cold Shower? What to do…

Not Digging a Cold Shower? Simple Ways to Fix It.

There has been research that cold temperatures, especially cold water, can help you lose weight. The exposure to the cold water and temperatures converts your body’s regular fat into “brown fat,” which is a type of fat that actually burns calories. Brown Fat (Brown Adipose Tissue or BAT) is mostly used by babies and hibernating animals to take fatty acids from your body or foods and convert it into heat, this burns calories! (Quick and Dirty Tips, Get-Fit Guy: How to Use Cold Weather to Lose Weight) Have I convinced you to jump into a nice, icy cold shower yet?
I was right on board with this. Until, I actually tried to get into an icy shower. It was awful. Despite the health benefits, I think I am going to stick to warm showers for a while. That is why I am writing this blog. I am assuming that many of you also enjoy a nice, warm shower and do not wish for your shower time to turn into freezing cold torture. The problem is, sometimes that happens even when we do not choose it. Sometimes, our shower is fffrreeezzziiinnggg for seemingly no reason. When that happens, here are some initial questions you can ask yourself:

Is the pilot light out?

This should be the first thing you check if your hot water has not been working. If the pilot light is out, you have most likely found the solution to your problem! Just re-light the pilot and see if that improves things. If you are unsure of how to do this, the manufacturer’s instructions for your heater should give you information about it. If not, call a respectable heating and cooling company.

Is the temperature too low?

If you tend to set the water heater’s temperature lower to save money, you may have set it TOO low. Though it is a fantastic idea to save some money and energy that way, you just want to make sure that the temperature is still high enough to heat up all of your home’s water the way that you want it to.

Is you water heater sized properly?

As with furnaces and air conditioners, a water heater needs to be the correct size for best results. Your home should use about 75% of the water that the water heater holds, so be sure that you have a heater large enough for that. Unfortunately, if you do not, you may need to invest in a new water heater. A professional heating and cooling company can come to your home and size it and figure out what size is just right for you!

Is the Dip Tube broken? What even is a dip tube?

The dip tube brings the cold water in the tank down to the bottom so that it can be heated up. A broken tube means that hot and cold water are mixing, both in the tank and in your shower. Replacing the dip tube may fix the problem, but you may also need a whole new unit.

Hopefully this helps with your cold shower problems. If the problem persists, contact a professional heating and cooling company or you could just take comfort in the fact that with each bitter cold shower, you are shedding pounds!


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