Do it yourself?

To Do it Yourself, or Not to Do it Yourself?

Some people call it cheap while others call it frugal. Whatever you name it, I think we all can agree that saving money is a good thing. The problem is, sometimes when we try to save money on certain items, we end up having to spend more in the long run. Take your home for instance, if something breaks it might be tempting to try and fix it yourself. However, if you do not know what you are doing you could create an even larger problem.

When you have an issue with heating and cooling in your home, you may think to yourself, “I can just order that part online…it will be much cheaper.” Perhaps, but remember…
The HVAC Company’s price usually includes:

  • Installation and labor
  • Sales tax
  • Warranty

With smaller items, repairing or installing yourself might be ok, however, depending on your expertise, the effort and frustration of installing a part yourself is not worth the savings, especially with bigger issues. Companies like A.B. May will install the part and answer any questions about its maintenance.  Furthermore, many cities require permits for certain things to be installed. Your HVAC company will take care of getting these permits for you.

Yes, ordering online can be less expensive but it is important to know that in the grand scheme of things, the product you are getting online is not the same overall package of what you would get with an HVAC company. Please contact A.B. May with any questions.