Effects of Dry Air on Your Health

No one enjoys shivering in the cold or feeling like even an eighth cup of hot chocolate isn’t enough to warm you up. Besides the discomfort, Kansas City winters can do a number on your health. The cold air combined with the use of heaters can lead to dry air in your home. See below for some of the effects dry air can have on your health.

Sore Sinuses

Dry air depletes moisture from your nose and mouth, your nasal passage feel dried out. You’re more likely to suffer from nosebleeds and are more vulnerable to colds, sinus infections, and the flu if you have a dry nose. For those who with asthma or allergies, the dry air can trigger an attack. An onset of allergies can also trigger itchy and watery eyes.

Dry Skin

Dry air also sucks moisture from your skin which is why so many of us suffer from cracked hands during the colder months. Unfortunately, dryness doesn’t stop at our hands. Dry air can affect the skin all over the body, making some areas, like your lips, dry to the point of pain. When we take hot showers to warm ourselves up, the water can make our skin even more irritated by stripping away the natural layer of skin that preserves moisture.

Static Shock

Do you find yourself getting an electrical shock more often during winter than you do during the warmer months? This is because dry air lowers humidity levels and raises static levels. If you’re constantly wearing wool sweaters and rubber boots to protect yourself from snow, you’re simultaneously risking giving yourself a shock from built up static electricity.

At this point, you’re probably hoping for a resolution to all these issues. Well, AB May has one. Humidifiers are an excellent way to improve indoor humidity levels and improve your health. We offer one step whole-home humidifier installation to achieve Total Comfort in your home. For more information about improving the air quality in your home this winter, call us at 913-370-4898.