Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing Systems

Plumbing can be a complex topic, especially for homeowners. A.B. May has the answers to your frequently asked plumbing questions. We are here to set the record straight. 
Question #1: Can you prevent frozen pipes?
Answer: Yes. Be sure  insulate your pipes this fall. It will prevent your pipes from forming icicles this winter. 
Question #2: Is there anything I can do to reduce my high water bills? 
Answer: Yes. Most of the time, an expensive water bill is due to a leak in your home. It is important to locate the leak and have it patched up as soon as possible. 
Question #3: What plumbing tools should I have? 
Answer: This is a great question to ask. In your home, you should always have a toilet auger and a plunger on hand. After all, you never know when a plumbing disaster will strike. 
Have you noticed a problem with your plumbing system? If so, step away from the liquid drain cleaner and put the plunger down. Just pick up the phone and call the professional plumbers at A.B. May! Our plumbers are great at troubleshooting the issue. Call 913-370-4898 to schedule service.