Happy Veteran’s Day from A.B. May

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

This Veteran's Day, we want to pause and take a moment to thank those who have served. From our customers to our employees, heroes are all around us. Below are just a few brave service men and women who now serve A.B. May customers every day.


Josh Mayberry, Air Force 2005-2014

Brother of Angie Rush, Mckinsey Berwick, served in the United States Navy.

Chief Master Sergeant Lance Olson of the Air Force, is the father of Kyle Olson. He retires in 2 months! Congratulations to the Olson family!


Robert Kleinmann, Navy. Robert is the father of Maria Marsh, Marketing Specialist.

Brenda Kern's son is currently in Airforce boot camp.

Rochelle Telford, a member of our purchasing department, served in the Army.

 Thank you for your service!
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