High-Tech Home Gadgets


It’s 2017; The world has self-driving cars, virtual reality, and 3D printing. While those things are all fine and dandy, it’d be nice if there were neat tech tools you could use every day. Well, low and behold, there are! These are some of the coolest high-tech gadgets you can get for your home.


  1. Clocky Robotic Alarm Clock: Are you one of those people who hits “snooze” at least 10 times before actually getting up at the very last minute? No more! Clocky rolls off your nightstand and literally hides to make you chase it before you can turn it off. This nifty little guy will make sure you never oversleep again.

  2. Amphiro A1 Shower Meter: This self-powered meter helps you save water when you shower. Charged by the energy created by your water flow, this gadget displays real-time water pressure, temperature, and a cute climate animation. It can help you save over 8,500 liters of water every year.

  3. Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm: Do you have little rugrats at home who can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar? Then you need Sammy Screamer. Any time this sensitive gadget is moved, it will notify you with, not only a smart-phone message, but also a screeching alarm. With it, you’ll have a seriously funny way to keep an eye on your things.

  4. Nest Cam Outdoors: There is a special sense of comfort that comes with knowing your home is protected on all fronts. The Nest Cam offers a crisp 1080P recording ability, as well as a wide-angle lens and integration capabilities to other Nest systems. If you’re looking to improve your home’s security, you should definitely invest in this camera.

A.B. May offers the Nest Cam, Nest Protect, and Nest Thermostat to give your home a comprehensive high-tech upgrade. These gadgets will have you saving money and feeling safer every day. Call us at 913-370-4898 for information about installing Nest systems in your home today.