Holiday Stain Removal Guide

Let’s face it, the holiday season can be really messy! From lots of holiday parties, to extra home visitors, it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself having to deal with lots of spills. But before you part with your favorite blouse or table linens, this holiday stain removal guide will ensure you survive even the filthiest of festivities:

The Stain: Wine- Since holiday parties are often filled with wine and cocktails, this concoction will be sure to come in handy.

The Solution For Washable Fabrics: Here is what you need on hand: Liquid hand dishwashing detergent, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and an enzyme presoak product.

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The Stain: Tree Sap- Gathering around the Christmas tree is festive and cozy this time of year, but can also result in a sticky mess!

The Solution For Washable Fabrics:: A combination of a laundry stain remover, heavy-duty liquid detergent, chlorine bleach, dry cleaning solvent and absorbent paper towels are needed.

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The Stain: Coffee- Warning: sitting around unwrapping gifts with a warm cup of coffee might result in a coffee carpet stain!
The Solution For Carpets: Combine white vinegar, detergent and 3% Hydrogen peroxide to lift the spill.
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The Stain: Soot- Since Santa will be making his way down lots of chimneys, you might find that he tracked soot along your carpet!
The Solution For Carpets: Make sure you have isopropyl rubbing alcohol, detergent and hydrogen peroxide on hand to wipe up this mess.

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