How Much Energy You Actually Use



Get the scoop from the Department of Energy on How Much Energy You Actually Use

In Kansas the average person used 170,000,000btu in 2012.  This is quite a large number, but are we sure what it really means?  Let's take a look: The U.S. Department of Energy took the time to break sown this number so that it could be compared with units of measurement that we are more familiar with.   Read below to see what they came up with:

170,000,000 btu is like the energy in:

  • 35,723 burritos
  • 188,799 sticks of dynamite
  • 17,584 lbs of coal

That is enough energy to:

  • Fly a Boeing 747 from Chicago to St. Louis, MO

As you can see, we,  as individuals use a lot of energy every year! If these are statistics for one person, think of how much energy the entire state or country uses on a yearly basis.  That is why it is so important for us all to think about ways to save energy throughout our day.  as we are entering this fall season, consider adding insulation to your home or installing a thermostat to help start the saving process.  The good news? Saving energy is also saving you money!

For more information about energy saving measures, contact A.B. May! Check out the whole article from to see how Kansas compares to the national average and other states.

Source: how-much-do-you-consume