How To Create a Dust-Free Home

It’s common to hear wishes of good health as the New Year begins. So why do so many people experience allergies and colds during these early months? It could be because you have a lot of dust in your home. We’re here to tell you how to significantly decrease the dust in your home.

  1. Invest in Doormats. When you or your guests enter your home, you are bringing in outside dirt, and these little dirt particles are a big contributor to dust. Doormats will allow you to wipe off any dirt you may have on your shoes and keep it from entering your home.

  2. Forget Carpets. Carpets trap huge amounts of dust, which you release into the air with every step you take. While removing current carpets might seem drastic, if you are remodeling, opt for hard-surfaced floors like wood or tile.

  3. Update Your Pet Care Routine. We all love how soft and fluffy Fido is, but your pet’s dead skin cells and fur are a major source of dust. Brush and bathe your pets to regularly to minimize their shedding in your home.

  4. Clean Your Pillows. Even if you wash your pillowcases and sheets every week, dead skin cells that cause dust still live in your actual pillow. Wash pillows gently in your machine with a mild detergent to help yourself breathe easier.

  5. Dust Upholstery. Dusting shouldn’t just be for your hard surfaces. Curtains, cloth furniture, and lampshades all contain fibers that hold a lot of dust. Vacuum or steam these surfaces to rid of allergy-causing particles.

  6. Install a Humidifier. Dust levels rise when dry air causes static electricity to build in your home. Installing a humidifier will get rid of static and keep your dust levels low. Pro Tip: Aim to keep your humidity levels at 40%-50%.

  7. Install an Air Purifier. Air purifiers can filter out dust and circulate air in your home. Depending on the size, purifiers can work for your entire house or just a single room.

  8. Replace Furnace Filters. Furnace filters play a major role in minimizing dust in your home. Your furnace helps collects dust particles and keeps them from re-entering your home’s air, so it is important to replace the filters regularly.


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