How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

While heating and cooling are necessary to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, soaring energy bills that get delivered to your home each month are not.   While certain homes may require new repairs or installations to be efficient, there are plenty of ways to save on your energy bills without spending a dime.

Watch Your Vents

If you have central air or heating, there are air vents scattered throughout your home. As silly as it may sound, make sure those vents are fully open. Closed vents make your HVAC system work harder to push air to the rooms in your home. Make sure your vents are also clean. Replace the air filters each month so they allow for proper airflow.

Create Better Airflow

Even central air and heating systems can have difficulty keeping every room in your home the same temperature. Try to control the airflow in your home using fans. When there’s hot weather, have your fans spinning counter-clockwise to push hot air up and out of your home. When it’s cold, have them spinning clockwise to trap heat inside.

Like we said earlier, some homes may require repairs or new installations on their heating and cooling systems to really be more energy efficient. Call A.B. May for all of your heating and cooling needs!  We have been serving Kansas City since 1959, and are committed to supplying you with the best service possible. For help making your home more energy efficient, call us at 913-370-4898.