How To Stop Energy Suckers In Your Home

Have you noticed your energy bills rising and you can’t seem to figure out why? You might be suffering from a case of the dreaded “energy-vampire.” That’s right, energy vampires do exist! They’re appliances that continue to draw power from electrical outlets even when they’re turned off or idle, and can cost your family upwards of hundreds of dollars per year. To prepare you for the colder and more expensive energy months, here are some energy suckers to be mindful of to help lower your bills:


In the Bathroom

Do you find yourself getting ready with the use of multiple electronic devices? Electric razors, blowdryers or even curling irons should never remain plugged into the wall when not in use. Even if they’re turned off, these devices can idly sip electricity from your outlet costing you money. Lower your bills (and avoid a potential fire hazard) and tug the plug when you’re done!


In the Kitchen

We know the mornings are busy and you’re probably getting ready in rush, but before you leave for the day, make it a daily habit of turning off all unnecessary kitchen appliances. Be sure to fully unplug dangerous appliances like toaster ovens and coffee makers to not only save you money, but to keep your home safe too!


In the Living Room

Older cable boxes and DVRs in your living room are some of the energy sucking appliances there is, as they’re less efficient than newer models. Some of these devices are constantly draining 25-45 watts of energy when off. To avoid wasting this energy, hook up your entertainment center and other appliances to power strips or an outlet with a wall switch. This will allow you to easily switch the whole system off when you need to. Keep in mind that if you need to record a show, your cable box will need to be on.


In the Home Office

Even after you’ve finished working, your laptop and your PCs aren’t. Always put your computers on sleep mode to minimize the energy used. Of course, an idle computer can still suck 15-21 watts, so if you’re not going to use them for an extended period of time, turning them off is the way to go!


In the Basement Bedroom

While space heaters can be a great way to keep a basement bedroom or drafty area warm, they’re also a great way to start a house fire and drive up energy bills. If some rooms are colder in your house, consider fixing leaks and or adding insulation instead of using pricey space heaters.

Don’t let these pesky energy suckers raise your bills! If you’re suffering from a cold, drafty house or need an electrical upgrade to lower your energy bills, A.B. May can help! Our licensed technicians can repair your furnace, insulate your home and fix any electrical problems to prepare your home for the colder months ahead. To schedule service or to learn more, give us a call at 913-370-4898 today!