4 Reasons You Need A Humidifier In Your Home This Winter

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It's no secret the weather in Kansas City has its ups and downs. In the summer, we run to the pool to escape the humidity. But by the time the winter rolls around, the humidity level in most KC homes is under 20 percent. This is too dry for people, pets, plants, and woodwork, and can make winter feel even longer than it already is. Installing a humidifier directly into your heating and cooling system will give you just the right amount of moisture in your home.

Taking Care of Your Wood Floors As a law of nature, wood expands and contracts with humidity. Squeaky floors are a clear sign of low humidity in your house. Are you tiptoeing around during nap time, or seeing splits in the floorboards? Installing a humidifier will drastically improve the life of your floors.

Taking Care of Your Family Dry skin and itchy eyes are common during the winter, but they don't need to be. Dry air in your home can also irritate nasal passages, causing a bloody nose and itchy throat, and can encourage viruses like the common cold. No one needs another reason to be sick! Raising humidity levels in your home will alleviate these symptoms and give your body a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

Dry Air Costs More Dry air just doesn’t feel as warm as air with some humidity in it. If you have very low humidity, your home will feel several degrees cooler than the temperature you have chosen on your thermostat. Increasing the relative humidity instantly helps your home feel warmer without even turning up the heat. This can mean significant energy savings for you.

Easy Install and Maintenance We install humidifiers directly into your heating and cooling system. Humidifiers add water vapor into your ductwork, and then your ventilation system sends that moistened air throughout your home. In addition, your thermostat settings give you custom control to keep humidity levels just right for your family.

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