Indoor Air Quality

Re-Modeling? Don’t Forget Indoor Air Quality

I love thinking about re-decorating or re-doing rooms or certain areas of the home. Typically, these remodels that I love are mostly in my head but that does not make them any less enjoyable. What is not pleasant about remodeling though is the fact that major home projects such as re-doing your hardwood floors can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. Here is some information to make sure that you air stays as clean as possible during this process.


Indoor Air Quality

First thing is first, you want to make sure that your furnace or air conditioner is shut off during this hardwood process. Why? Because re-doing hardwood floors is a very dusty activity and furnaces/air conditioners tend to suck in this dust and re-circulate it throughout your home, in rooms you didn’t even make a mess in! This could be especially inconvenient for those with allergies.
Finishing or staining products such as Glitsa can produce odors and vapors that could cause headaches or nausea. And therefore ventilation is incredibly important. Unfortunately your furnace and air conditioner will not be very effective at venting these smells and fumes, and so it is best to do it the old fashioned way-with fans and open windows! The goal is to change the indoor air with the outdoor air. Though your heating and cooling unit may “suck up” the bad air, it may just as easily “spit it back out” in another area of your home.
A factor to think about with ventilation is the age of your home. Older homes are less energy efficient and so they have natural cracks and leaks where the fumes can slip out and so they may not need as much work with ventilation as the newer tightly sealed homes do.

Good luck with your project and breathe easy!
Information gleaned from these articles and the Glitsa website…check them out for more info, “Breathing Easy” and “Ventilation”

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