Most Common Problems With Washing Machines

Have you ever gone into the laundry room with a huge mound of dirty laundry only to find that your washing machine won’t start? We’ve all been there, and it’s one big hassle! Since a washer is a highly complex machine, there are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong with it. Here are some of the most common things that could go wrong with your washing machine:

Nothing happens when it’s turned on: First off, you'll want to check to make sure that there is power to the appliance. You can troubleshoot this by plugging in a smaller electronic device, such as a blow dryer into the connecting outlet to see if it works. Sometimes the washing machine motor overheats and requires a cool down period before it can restart. Next, check to make sure that the washer isn’t on pause cycle or the lid isn’t up. If everything else checks out, you should give your local technician a call to help get to the root of the problem.


The washer won’t spin: Make sure that the door is closed and that the speed selector switch isn’t in between speeds. Verify that the washer isn’t on soak cycle as well. If none of these seem to be an issue, check the belt. After lots of use, belts can be worn or damaged and should be replaced immediately. If your belt seems to be OK, call on the professionals as you could be experiencing a problem with your motor, transmission or clutch assembly.


The water won’t drain: Sometimes with drain issues, there is an obvious solution. Inspect the drain hose for kinks, or a full lint sock at the end. Perhaps the drain line itself is plugged.  Always make sure that the drain hose is above the level of water in the drain tub. Occasionally transmission gears become worn, causing the unit not to drain. If you suspect this might be the case, call your professionals to have them address the issue.


The washing machine is leaking: A leaky washer can be a number of things--a worn pump, door seals or a failed water inlet valve. If the problem isn’t obvious, like a broken door seal or oversudsing, it’s best to schedule a service call. There are so many possible culprits responsible for a leaky washer, that it’s best to have the professionals troubleshoot it.


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