Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer is underway, and so are backyard parties and weekend fun in the sun activities. With each season comes a whole new set of potential plumbing issues.  While you’re enjoying a good time in the back yard with your guests, your plumbing might be suffering from getting more of a workout during this time of year. Here are the most common summer plumbing problems to look out for:


Clogged disposal: You’ve heard us mention about the dangers of tossing unnecessary food down your garbage disposal. Chances are you’re having more cookouts during this time of year, so you really need to be careful about how you discard of your waste food. Hard fruits and vegetables can damage your blades on the way down, while cooking oil and grease from the grill are big culprits in causing a backup. Make sure to always run cold water through your disposal after you use it, to clear any remaining food bits.

Sewer line backups: Summertime thunderstorms and rain showers can cause serious plumbing emergencies. Excessive rain can get into sewer pipes through cracks and cause the sewer line to back up. New tree root growth from the spring can also spread underground and crack the pipes, leading to a huge disaster and lots of flooding. At the first sign of sewer line trouble----such as a foul smell coming from the drains or water backing up in the shower or bathtub--give your local professionals a call!

Washing machine maintenance: Sweaty clothes and extra showers are two things that are synonymous with the dog days of summer. Since you’ll undoubtedly be doing more laundry from your outfit changes or pool towel usage, your washing machine will have extra stress put on it. Ideally, you should only use your machine when you are home to be able to intervene should a problem arise. Keep an eye out for hose bulges, leaks or cracks! It’s also important to keep your washer a few inches away from the wall to avoid overheating.


Sprinkler problems: Summer time means greener grass and blooming flowerbeds. Many people keep their grounds perfectly manicured with an in the ground sprinkler system. Take the time to inspect your sprinkler heads every once in a while to ensure there are no leaks or cracks. Not only will these leaks increase your water bill, but they could result in a more serious plumbing issue down the road.


Don’t let possible summer plumbing problems get you down! Whatever your issues are, we're here to help! Our certified, skilled plumbers will arrive in a clean white truck, fully stocked with parts to ensure that wasting water and wasting money will never be an option for you!  Give us a call at 913-370-4898 to schedule service today!