No Heat?

No Heat? Try these Steps First

Having a broken furnace in the winter can be cold, dangerous and scary. It is definitely something that you want repaired right away. We have a compiled a list of a few things that you can check out on your own first, before calling a furnace company.


  • Take a look at the pilot light or gas valve to see if they are out or shut off. If so, try re-lighting the pilot light and see if that helps.
  • Make sure that your furnace is set to “heat.” If it is not, try setting it to heat and wait and see if your home heats up.
  • Check out your electrical panel to see that you did not blow a fuse or that a breaker did not trip. If that is the issue, you can reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse.
  • Play around with the thermostat because sometimes that is the issue. Try setting it to different temperatures.

If none of these things explain why your heat isn’t working, or if you have any questions, please call A.B. May! They can help get your heat back in order and fix any electrical problems that you may have.