Reasons To Have A Generator Installed

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Storms can hit the Midwest at any time. While we can't control the weather, you can be prepared for storms with the help of a generator. Below are some of the top reasons why homeowners purchase generators.
  • A home generator will automatically turn on when power from the utility company goes out.
  • Generators can last longer than portable generators do.
  • A generator provides you with power for your appliances in the event of an outage. 
  • When the power goes out, the perishable food in your refrigerator will go bad. With a generator, you won't have to worry about this inconvenience. 
  • With a generator, your sump pump will stay on. This can prevent flooding in your home.
  • Are your kids afraid of the dark? If so, a generator will keep the lights on. This will eliminate their fears. 
  • Last but certainly not least, generators provide you with peace of mind. You will feel at ease knowing that your home is prepared for a power outage.


A generator puts the power back in the right hands--yours! If you are interested in having a generator installed in your home, choose A.B. May. We are authorized by Generac Power Systems to sell, install and service Guardian Automatic Standby Generators in Kansas City. Receive $250 off if you purchase and have a generator installed by 5/31/15. Call 913-370-4898 to schedule an appointment.