Reasons Your Home Isn’t Heating

There are few more frustrating things than turning on your furnace, only to find that your home isn’t heating up! While heating systems can be really tricky, sometimes the solutions can be simple. If you’re dealing with a less than perfect heating system, the professional at A.B. May are always here to help--but before you give us a call, check to make sure that these common problems aren't’ the culprit:

Windows are not sealed: Did you know that 10% of the money you spend to heat your house is lost through windows? Warm air seeps out in the sneakiest of places. Walk around to each window in your home and check for any drafts or bursts of cold air that you feel coming through.  If you notice any air leaks, you’ll want to seal up those windows with caulking. If you’re having a hard time telling where the draft is coming from, grab a lit candle and walk around your house--wherever the flame flickers, you probably have a draft!

Vents are blocked: Every summer, furniture is moved around to accommodate air conditioning or just for a change of scenery. Make sure that your furniture or carpets aren’t blocking your air vents, to prevent warm air from circulating through your home. Not only will blocked vents keep your house cold, but is also a fire hazard.

The furnace filter is dirty: If your furnace filter isn’t changed regularly, it’s possible that it can get so dirty that it will restrict airflow to the furnace. Changing the furnace may be the quick and easy solution to this problem. If your furnace is working overtime to push that limited warm air through the vents, it will eventually shut down due to overuse. If you choose to change the air filter yourself, be sure to shut off your furnace first.

Valve: While the odds are slim, it’s always a possibility that your home’s gas valve has been shut off. In that case, the furnace will not operate because it’s not receiving gas. Be sure to check your home’s gas valve, and resolve the issue quickly by simply turning the gas back on!

If you’ve tried fixing these issues and find that your home still isn’t heating up, it’s time to call the professionals at A.B. May. To schedule an appointment to have your furnace fixed or to learn more about our services offered, give us a call at 913-370-4898.