Signs Of a Main Drain Line Clog

While a sewer line clog might be unseen, it can cause some serious damage inside of your home. The result of this hazardous clog is raw sewage spilling out of your drains, which is not only dangerous but can be very costly to fix, too! Taking quick action and responding to the first sign of a problem is the best way for homeowners to stave off sewer issues. Here are some warning signs to keep an eye out for:

Clogged drain or toilet: Red flag #1! Clogged drains or toilets are easy to spot and a very common sign of a possible main drain line clog. If you notice water backing up out of the drain or toilet or a gurgling sound coming from your drain, you should call your local professionals immediately. If the main line is affected, any water you run will cause the toilet to percolate and come up into the bathtub--or even worse-- in your basement! Yuck!


Tree Roots: Tree roots are perhaps the most common cause of a clogged sewer line, especially in older homes. Slow flowing drains and gurgling sounds coming from your toilet are indications that your main line drain is affected by tree roots. If no action is taken to remove or chop up the roots, it’s only a matter of time before your sewer line is completely blocked.


Foul sewer odors or sewage backup are other warning signs that something is brewing beneath the surface.


What Should You Do?

Stop using any water that could potentially accumulate in the basement and give A.B. May a call! Our expert technicians are trained to perform a main drain sewer line inspection and use a camera to see what is causing the problem. A.B. May will work with you to find the cause and an answer! Should your sewer line need to be replaced, our team, specifically dedicated to that, will walk you through all options and make sure to find the best solution for you and your home.


Are you suspecting a main drain line clog in your home? Before this issue gets out of hand, give us a call! Our dedicated team of professionals will walk you through the entire process and give you all available options, putting your mind at ease. To schedule an inspection or service, give us a call at 913-370-4898.