Simple Ways To Cut Heating Costs To Save For The Holidays


The holiday season is an exciting time of year--but it’s also an expensive one! If you’re trying to save for your holiday shopping, it is important to cut costs wherever you can. While dropping temperatures can sometimes cause raising utility bills, they don’t have to! Here are some ways to cut heating costs to save for your holiday shopping (while still saying warm!):


Lower The Thermostat: Inevitably, the holiday season is filled with visitors and entertaining. If  you’re expecting company, you can lower the thermostat two degrees before the guests arrive. That tiny tweak can help you save up to five percent on your heating bill! The more people you have in your home, the more heat is created naturally. Plus, if you’re cooking for you guests, the heat of the oven will add to the coziness of your home as well.


Burn Smarter: Holiday time is often synonymous with snuggling up around a cozy fire. If you and your family are enjoying some hot cocoa while your fireplace flickers, be sure to turn the heat down while it’s blazing. The fire is fueled by air in the room, so one the flame is out, your furnace works overtime to replace that warm air.


Skip Drying Your Dishes: A dishwasher can be a real lifesaver when you’re entertaining during the holidays. But to save money, skip the lengthy drying cycle, and let dishes air dry by cracking the door of your dishwasher. Not only will this help lower your bills, but the moisture from inside will help humidify the air in your home, which often time feels dry in the winter.


Of course, on really frigid days, it’s important to make sure that your heating system is working properly.  Make sure your home is ready to take on the winter months, and turn to the professionals at A.B. May to fix any furnace or HVAC issues you’re experiencing. To learn more about the services offered or to schedule service, visit our website or give us a call at 913-370-4898.