Simple Ways To Save Energy At Home

Many people don’t know how easy it is to make their homes run on less energy, which also equals greater savings for you and your family. Drastic reductions in heating and electricity costs can be accomplished through very simple changes made by the homeowner. If you’re looking to help the environment, increase comfort levels inside of your home and save money, try out these energy-saving tips:

Find better ways to heat your home: As much as half of the energy used in homes goes toward heating and cooling. Installing programmable thermostats, drawing your curtains to keep the heat in and reversing your ceiling fans to help circulate warm air are all simple changes you can make to stay warm while reducing your energy consumption.

Use appliances and electronics responsibly: Since appliances and electronics account for about 20% of household energy bills in a typical U.S. home, plugging them into power strips will allow you to switch the power flow on and off.  For appliances that you don’t use frequently, consider unplugging them until the next time you use them. Computers should always be put in sleep mode, or unplugged when they’re not in use. When purchasing new appliances, look for ENERGY-STAR rated ones to enjoy extra energy savings.

Replace incandescent lights: Replacing old incandescent and halogen light globes with energy-efficient globes will help save power and last longer.

Change the way you do laundry: Wait until you have a full load of clothes to run your washing machine. Avoid using high temperatures when clothes aren’t very dirty, as very hot temperatures use up more energy. Whenever possible, line dry your clothing fully or wring them out before putting them in the dryer to cut down on drying time.

Of course, there are greater steps you can take to save energy in your home, such as installing a tankless water heater, air sealing your home or installing low flow showerheads and toilets. For these energy saving changes, turn to the professionals at A.B. May. Our licensed technicians are here to help with all of your HVAC, electrical and plumbing needs. To schedule service or to learn more, give us a call at 913-370-4898 today!