Spring Forward With Electrical Safety Tips

When it comes to your electrical system, safety is key. At A.B. May, your safety is our main priority. Below are some electrical safety tips to keep in mind this spring.
  • Have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) installed in your kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms.
  • Keep all electrical appliances away from the kitchen sink.
  • Can't remember when you had your last electrical inspection? Schedule one with a skilled electrician.
  • Make sure that all fuel-burning equipment is properly vented to the outside of your home.
  • You can reduce the risk of an electrical fire by having Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) installed in your home. 
  • Check to make sure that circuit breakers and fuses are up-to-code.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed throughout your home. Be sure to replace their batteries frequently. 

Are you concerned with the safety of your electrical system? Turn to the professional electricians at A.B. May! We specialize in electrical service, electrical panel upgrades, repairs, surge protectors, generators and whole house re-wiring. Call 913-370-4898 to schedule service. 
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