Focus on Sustainability

Partnering with difference-makers:
How we protect our planet together

At A.B. May, we care about both the people in our community and the world we live in. We realize that each of us has a part to play, and we have a respect for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Big and small decisions can make a difference, from hiring a green team to recycle home equipment to offering tips to help customers save energy and use less harmful chemicals in their home. Another significant way we protect our planet is by choosing partners that commit to improving the environment without sacrificing top performance.

We love how Daikin uses technology to reduce energy consumption

Saving electricity is good for our planet. We partnered with Daikin in 2014 as their exclusive dealer in Kansas City because of the superior quality of their products as well as their focus on protecting the environment. Daikin recognizes that heating and cooling systems are a major source of environmental impact, so they have committed to energy-efficient technology in product design and manufacturing. Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote low-impact refrigerants around the world. Their strategy is working. In 2018, Daikin had reduced greenhouse gas emissions during production by 75% from their 2005 levels.

Inverter technology is a game-changer for saving electricity and reducing wasted operation in air conditioners. Inverter air conditioners can save up to 48% in energy savings compared to non-inverter units. Daikin FIT is a great example of this technology in action. In addition to the actual equipment, Daikin also strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the development, production, and transportation of their equipment. On top of that, they also recover, recycle, and destroy fluorocarbons during all stages of production. Daikin has a comprehensive environmental strategy that we are proud to stand behind.

Evergy’s Special Rebates Help the Environment and Save Homeowners Money

Our local partnership with Evergy also focuses on saving electricity and reducing environmental impact in our community. Their goal is to reduce carbon output by 80% by 2050 through green initiatives and a commitment to natural resources. Evergy realizes that electricity is an essential part of our daily lives, and they are continually evolving to meet the needs of their customers and the environment. Through their energy efficiency programs for homeowners, A.B. May has sold more than twice as many high-efficiency air conditioners as other local companies, saving KC homeowners thousands of dollars in energy rebates as well as monthly savings for the life of their system.

Reducing waste with A.B. May’s Green Team

As a company, A.B. May has an entire Green Team dedicated to reducing and recycling waste. When a piece of equipment is replaced in your home, we bring your old unit back to our facility to be dismantled and recycled. Last year, we recycled 113,385 lbs. (roughly 57 tons) of non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum. In addition, we recycled 772,120 lbs. (roughly 386 tons) of ferrous metals from equipment such as furnaces and water heaters. (Watch video)

In addition to our recycling program, we also frequently offer our customers information on best practices to save resources like electricity, natural gas, and water. What’s more, we offer natural and physical alternatives to replace harmful chemicals such as drain cleaners. Overall, A.B. May cares about the impact that we have on the environment, and we will do our part to create a sustainable world for the generations to come. When you chose A.B. May, you are a part of improving the environment in our community.