Things Your Plumber Wishes You Didn’t Do

You probably know that your dentist doesn't want you eating sugary foods and your insurance agent doesn't want you getting into accidents. But what is it that your plumber wants you to avoid? We’re here to give you the inside scoop on taking care of your pipes and avoiding things that could seriously damage the plumbing in your home.


  1. You instantly reach for Drain-O. Just because you think you have a clog, it doesn't mean you should run to grab the nearest chemical-filled solution. Many draining fluids are made with hard chemicals that ruin the inner workings of your plumbing system.

  2. You treat your toilet like a garbage can. Don’t trust labels that claim certain products are “flushable.” Wipes, sanitary products, and cat litter should not be flushed down your toilet unless you’re looking to clog it.

  3. You don't know where your main water valve is. If you end up in the middle of a plumbing emergency, knowing where your main valve is can save you from a big mess. Find where it is, and learn how to turn it on and off.

  4. You stuff everything down your garbage disposal. French fry grease and fibrous celery stalks are okay to throw down your disposal, right? Wrong! These foods and those like them will clog and damage your disposal. Pro Tip: Run cold water whenever you use the disposal to break up food.

  5. You handle plumbing problems on your own. While little plumbing problems may be able to be handled on your own, DIY work sometimes makes things worse. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor, and call the professionals to handle any issue you have.


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