Tips For An Energy Efficient Basement

While not every house has one, basements can often be a neglected and unused space. They can harbor air or water leaks, and depending on where you live,  can be susceptible to dampness, humidity or mold. Basements might be energy suckers on their own, potentially using up one quarter of your home’s annual energy use. Here are a few ways you can save energy and prepare your basement for the colder months ahead:

Eliminate Air Leaks: It’s important to explore your basement from floor to ceiling to identify any air leaks caused by gaps or holes from wiring, pipes, vents, windows or doors. Small gaps can be sealed with caulk, while larger ones will need to be repaired with foam board and insulating spray foam. Be sure to check for gaps in the uppermost section of the basement wall where the house frame meets the cement foundation, where gaps are often hiding. Sealing your cracks, gaps and leaks will help keep your basement warmer in the cold months to come, and lower your utility bills.

Swap The Lighting: If you’re looking for ways to brighten up a dark basement, consider installing energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs in your basement lighting fixtures. LED lights are also a good option, as these bulbs provide a higher quality of light over incandescent bulbs and are known to last 25 times longer.

Insulate Your Air Ducts: Air ducts leaking either cool or warm air can be a large source of energy loss in your home. Sealing leaks--typically found at the metal joints of your home’s air ducts--will help save money and energy.

Update Your Appliances: If you’re in the market to replace older appliances or equipment, such as heating or cooling units, consider switching to ones that have earned an ENERGY STAR label. This shows that these products have met specific standards for energy efficiency and can do wonders for your wallet as well!

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