Getting Rid Of The Smell In Your Kitchen Sink

We work our kitchen sinks hard! Even when we use a sink strainer or a garbage disposal, it’s inevitable that food particles and other debris make their way down our drain and get stuck there. Avoid waking up to a smelly odor in your kitchen, by following these sink cleaning tips!

Tricks to try if you have a garbage disposal:

Tip #1: Hot water & dish soap

  • Start simple! Let a sink full of very hot, soapy water flush through the garbage disposal while it’s running. You may even want to repeat one more time, but this step alone could do the trick!

If you’re still noticing a foul odor coming from your garbage disposal, try tip #2.

Tip #2: Ice cubes, coarse salt & lemon peels

  • A strong smell coming from your sink could be caused by your disposal blades. To make sure the blades are clean and free of lingering food particles, try this ice cube, salt and lemon peel combo. Toss a few cubes and a handful of coarse salt down the disposal. The ice will knock food off the grinder and the salt will scrub the sides. Once this is complete, flush with water and add some lemon peels for freshness! You should be odor free in no time!


Tricks to try if you don’t have a garbage disposal:

Tip#1: Boiling water

  • Don’t underestimate the power of hot water! Boil up a pot of water (or better yet, use leftovers from cooking pasta or making tea) and pour it down the sink. This may be enough to take care of more mild smells and also doubles as a great way to clear some gunk out of old pipes.

If the hot water isn’t doing the trick, check out tip #2.

Tip #2: Baking soda, boiling water & vinegar

  • These common household products are great in cleaning a variety of substances around the home. Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain and top it off with two cups of vinegar. Let the mixture bubble up and sit for a few minutes while your water finishes boiling. Then run scorching hot water down the drain to wash it all down and hopefully take care of that smell.  Repeat as necessary, but typically one time of this cleaning concoction should do the trick!

Have you noticed a foul smell coming from your pipes? Or is your garbage disposal not working properly? A.B. May is here to help! Our certified, skilled plumbers will arrive in a clean white truck, fully stocked with parts to ensure that wasting water and wasting money will never be an option for you!  Give us a call at 913-383-2222 to schedule service today!