Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Heat


Finding ways to keep cool in the summer can be pretty easy--we can sit in front of the A/C all day, we can hop in a pool or we can dress in less layers to accommodate the temperatures. But when things heat up, we can’t forget about our favorite furry four-legged friend. Here are some ways to keep your pets safe in the dog days of summer:



Keep Them Indoors (And Keep It Cool):

If possible, leave your pets inside with your A/C running on a low energy-saving setting while you’re away at work. Keeping the temperature at a cool, consistent pace will ensure that your pets don’t get too hot inside while they’re home alone all day.


Cover The Windows:

Your house can really heat up from the direct sunlight beating down through your windows. Keeping them covered with blinds or a light shade will do wonders in containing the cooler air in your rooms. Not only will this ensure a more comfortable setting for your pets, but it can also lower your monthly power bills.


PIck Up Floor Coverings:

Our furry friends often find solace in laying on the cool floor.  Removing heavy area rugs and floor coverings can give them an opportunity to cool off on the chilly ground. If your pet has a favorite bed that they love to sleep on, consider moving it into an air conditioned room.


Use Fans To Circulate Air:

Fans help to circulate air around your home, helping distribute the coolness from your A/C. Place oscillating floor fans near your pet’s bed or resting spots as an extra way for them to feel the breeze. Ceiling fans help keep the temperature in your home more even, and can even lower your bills as well!


In addition to all of these tips, always make sure your pet has plenty of water!


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