Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! On one of the most romantic days of the year, all you probably want to do is enjoy a nice night at home with your significant other (or Ben & Jerry’s). If you’re in need of some quick ways to make your home cozy, we’ve got you covered.


  1. Create a Comfy Couch or Bed: If your plans include cuddling up to watch a good movie, you need to have a cozy couch ready to go. Cover your couch or bed with faux fur or fleece blankets and fuzzy pillows to create a den of comfort. (Those pieces also add a nice, decorative touch to your home.) If you want to add a bit of childhood nostalgia to your date, you can even use those blankets to make a fort.

  2. Chow Down on Comfort Food: There is nothing about a salad that says “cozy.” Food is the best way to anyone’s heart, so whip up some yummy comfort food dishes for the night. Anything made in a slow-cooker is a safe bet, or you could try out some hearty pasta or meat dishes.

  3. Fill the Room with Flora: Plants almost instantly add a level of comfort to any home. If you already plan on getting your sweetheart some flowers, try aiming to get some flora that sets a certain tone. Blossom branches or tulips are perfect for a vibrant scene of pink and white, while magnolias are a sophisticated, sensuous alternative for a more sedated vibe.

  4. Make the Ground Cozy: You probably love your hardwood floors in the summer, but during winter, they’re not the most comfortable to walk on. Lay out plenty of warm rugs, and gift your lover some fuzzy socks to keep them toasty. Always

  5. have a bath mat in your bathroom to avoid getting cold feet when leaving your shower, and keep warm robes nearby to snuggle in.


Another way to always keep your home cozy for your honey is by having a well-working heating system. A.B. May provides heating system repair and replacement so you never have to worry about dealing with a cold home. If you’re in need of heating help, call us at 913-370-4898.