When To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

In addition to taking care of your electrical repairs, our expert technicians can upgrade your electrical panel. Old electrical panels can be very dangerous and may even result in a fire or electrical shock. Always be sure to handle any electrical issues with caution and take them seriously.



How do you know if your home is showing signs of needing a new electrical panel?


Do you experience:

● Crackling sounds from your panel box?

● Appliances running at less than full power?

● Corrosion on the breakers?

● Flickering lights?

● The need to turn off one appliance to use another?

● Melted electrical wires?

● Breakers that constantly trip or frequently blow fuses?


If so, chances are you’ll want to have your electrical panel upgraded. Experiencing problems with existing electrical panels aren't the only reason to have them upgraded.


You may want to consider a new panel if:

● You are remodeling your home, especially the kitchen, which is where you have the most appliances.

● You need to meet homeowners insurance requirements.

● You need to add a sub panel.

● Your panel is a dated fuse box or an outdated circuit breaker, specifically prior to 1980, as it may contain components now known to have deteriorated.


Worried that your electrical panel may be outdated? This guide will help troubleshoot your issue.


Are you experiencing problems with your electrical panel? Electrical issues should never be taken lightly­­--always turn to the professionals! Give A.B. May a call today at 913­-383-­2222 or visit us here to request service.