Whole House Surge Suppressor

Protect Your Home with a Whole House Surge Suppressor

As I write this blog the sky is getting prematurely dark and I can hear the distant sounds of thunder in the background. One of my favorite parts of summer is the storms. I can tell that summer must be finally creeping up on us when the storms start rolling in. Though I love storms and I know that I am not the only one (I have a family member who wanted to turn all the lights off in her room and put on a recording of thunder in order to pretend like there was a thunderstorm because she likes them so much), they can sometimes produce less than desirable results in your home or yard.

Fallen branches and knocked over lawn chairs can be annoying to pick up but they are definitely not the worst of it. One thing we really need to protect ourselves from during a storm is large power surges. When lightning strikes on or near a power line and follows it into your home, all of that extra current runs to your home causing your outlets to give more than the 120 volts of electricity most of your electronics need or can handle. These are power surges. As you can imagine, this fries your electronics. That 10-page paper you were just finishing for a class? Gone. The new flat screen T.V. you were so excited to put in the basement to watch the big game? Kaput.

How do we protect ourselves from this? A.B. May offers Whole House Surge Protection that can protect all your appliances from this power surge. This protection comes in the form of a box type object that is attached to your electrical panel. If a power surge comes in, this box will “suck up” all the extra power, which will save your computer, T.V., and hair dryer among many other items. Though there are certain power strips that double as surge protectors, they cannot protect all of your electronics.