Why Changing Air Filters Is An Important Part of Maintenance

Friday, March 27, 2015

We understand that homeowners have a lot of responsibilities regarding the upkeep of their home. Sometimes, homeowners forget to change the air filter in their air conditioner system. Below are some of the reasons why changing the air filter is an important part of maintenance:
Increases Lifespan of A/C Equipment
Changing the air filter once a month can help your air conditioner last up to 15 years. If you do not change the filter monthly, it forces the motor to work harder. This additional strain on your air conditioner significantly decreases the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.
Saves You Money On Energy Costs
Do you have unseasonably high utility bills? If so, a dirty air filter could be contributing to this hefty price tag. Changing your air filter can cut utility costs anywhere from 5-15%.
Improves Indoor Air Quality
Poor indoor air quality is detrimental to your health. Clogged air filters only add to this problem by circulating dirty air back into your home. Swapping out a dirty air filter for a clean one each month is definitely a step in the right direction.
Spring is the perfect time of year to have your air conditioning unit maintained by a professional technician. Having your air conditioner serviced by a friendly A.B. May serviceman will keep it operating at peak efficiency. If you are interested in an air conditioner tune-up, call 913-370-4898 today to schedule an appointment.
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